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Residential, commercial and industrial promoter, Groupe Sopromont Immobilier produces successful achievements.

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Quality dominates in all the activities of our construction projects. Experience, expertise and versatility ... We master all stages of construction. From land acquisition to delivery of the final product, we develop a vision, developing a unique and innovative building product and work closely with our team of experienced professionals.

In addition to providing our customers with exceptional building projects, we ensure that they turn into productive investments. It is not enough to meet the expectations of our customers; rather, we aim to surpass them by offering a comprehensive and professional after-sale service.

Our priorities are clear: to design truly urban living environments that will satisfy our customers, while focusing on sustainable development in order to respect the environment, and to provide any adequate information on our products so that any customer can fully assess the quality and transform their investment in sustainable heritage.

We provide all our customers with the documents specifying the qualification of our residence products and the guarantee of the Construction Association of Quebec (ACQ Guarantee Plan).

All with full confidence!

Our customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Listen and understand our customers;
  • Surround ourselves with renowned professionals;
  • Create winning teams with all stakeholders; 
  • Accurately assess customer needs concerning residence building, meet and exceed customer requirements; 
  • Develop unique and innovative building products;
  • Design residences that stand out for their quality;
  • Provide all customers with professional designers services for interior decoration;
  • Provide impeccable after-sales service;
  • ACQ Warranty Plans.


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