Groupe Sopromont Immobilier acts as advisor to individuals and companies who wish to invest in Quebec.

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The company offers investors support services in business relationships, whether to manage the financial aspect of the transaction or complete legal documents guaranteeing the sustainability of heritage. Our method of intervention rests on two fundamental principles: a thorough analysis of the situation and creating concrete and relevant tools for achieving objectives.

Intended primarily as interactive, our approach supports the efforts of the management team in order to maintain synergy and company growth. As for our strategic plan, it integrates all these steps, keeping in mind the human aspect and solutions tailored to the specific context of the client.

In short, our policy is proactive, dynamic and participatory. All stakeholders have their say. Result: we produce transparent, understandable and useful documents.

We are also sponsors of the Groupe Sopromont Immobilier financing project. Our goal: to bring the private contribution necessary for the conclusion of agreements.

We have therefore developed an eight-part approach corresponding to the main business functions :

  • Administrative Systems;
  • Human Resources;
  • Financial resources;
  • Process;
  • Products;
  • Services;
  • Succession;
  • Sustainability.


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