Conception and design

Personalized and exclusive condos, urban design and contemporary architecture with clean lines ... the constructions of Groupe Sopromont Immobilier are a guarantee of excellence and unparalleled investment.


Everything has been carefully thought out to provide every future owner the intimacy of a private home environment in a prestigious, quiet and elegant complex. Construction of several floors made of high quality concrete, with elevators and garages, large entrance hall that is bright and secure, fully furnished and equipped glass-roof terrace with a breathtaking panoramic view...And these are just a few examples of our achievements.

Custom condo units are equipped with countless windows and very large balconies that extend the living areas for optimal use of space. The materials are of quality and finish is impeccable.




The kitchen? Contemporary and unique design with counter-island and ceramic backsplash.
The bathroom is equipped with a podium bath with ceramic shower and tempered glass door. In keeping with the latest trends, the master bedroom goes on into a bathroom with ceramic bath and shower, plus a shower with tempered glass door and a second bathroom with bath and shower, sink and contemporary faucets.

One of our designers will help you choose colors and high-end finishes, while respecting your budget of course, to further enhance the space and design. This will create a warm and intimate space to your image.


Shops, restaurants, theaters and sports facilities

The grounds consist of landscaped indoor gardens, Zen meeting areas and plenty of private illuminated trails. As for services and public areas, they abound with: "Aquareve" swimming pool, exercise room, indoor and outdoor dining areas, lounge areas and conference rooms.

Shops, restaurants, theaters, sports facilities ... we build our complex in urban neighborhoods, coveted and lively, buzzing with services and activities. In short, we choose dynamic living environments where the well-being of the community and the person are in the spotlight.


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