From consultation to management, we offer the most comprehensive solution on the market.

We have an intimate knowledge of the area and look forward to many years of experience in the real estate sector. We conduct regular quality tests, with rigor, transparency and personalized support. These are all the benefits we offer you to realize your projects and grow your investments.


You are a potential investor ?

Groupe Sopromont Immobilier offers customized and long-term investments. Indeed, investing in real estate is a wise financial choice, especially when rental demand is strong. In addition, a product of Groupe Sopromont Immobilier is a safe bet that appreciates with age.

As for rental condos, the positive market trend is confirmed in light of the uncertainty related to stock market investments. It's a fact: real estate is the best investment for the future.

You want to invest in a condo ?

With Groupe Sopromont Immobilier, you have the opportunity to acquire the property you are looking for, a property that has been designed with great care, down to the smallest detail.

You are a foreign investor ?

Groupe Sopromont Immobilier is an excellent solution. Indeed, the Canadian economy is very stable; the fiscal policy of the country is very advantageous and the demographic evolution is associated with a balanced and serene political profile. In short, this is a very favorable environment for foreign investors.

Whatever your country of origin, we encourage you to take advantage of the unique opportunity that is offered to invest in Montreal, an opportunity that will facilitate the integration to your new land of welcome.



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