Personalized homes

Groupe Sopromont Immobilier does not limit itself to the design of condominium projects. Its area of expertise also extends to the design and construction of custom single-family residences.

Personalized HomeGetting inside a residence signed Groupe Sopromont Immobilier is to enter a world of boldness and elegance. Their team of experienced designers put their expertise and shared passion to create a new architectural design of pure beauty, while being tailored to the wishes and budgets of their clients. Their collaboration has created a synergy that combines quality and beauty both inside and outside the home.

Together, these professionals prioritize the relationship with customers by ensuring to constantly listen to them and advise them appropriately at each stage of the project, from the study of the topography to the selection of works of art that will soon adorn the walls of the residence.


Integration into the environment

PlanThe Groupe Sopromont Immobilier team stands out by offering contemporary concepts that will blend subtly with the lifestyle you want. The integration desire to build in the community, respect for the pure and simple straight lines and the marriage between the richness of the wood and the nobility of the stone in each facade elevation are all assets that make this architectural design peaceful and attractive.

The magnificent property is also distinguished by its many windows. This optimizes the use of natural light, while the design of the architectural concept enables us to offer the home a variety of lightings according to the time of day. The variations of light shades particularly help to emphasize the brightness of the house, while emphasizing the furniture and decorative advantages of the house. Particular attention is paid to the choice of interior design items because it is they who ensure the success of the sleek style; this can be done by selecting top quality elements.

The design of the property has been focused on letting the outside in. Therefore, the development of levels, terraces and balconies has been carefully studied to ensure a successful extension of the living space in its environment.

With attention to detail and the pursuit of quality without compromise, we can proudly proclaim that projects signed by Groupe Sopromont Immobilier are "true masterpieces of concept dwelling.


By creating an effective synergy between its valuable collaborators, Groupe Sopromont Immobilier provides all its customers the full range of services required to enable them to create their own private property according to their tastes and aspirations.

In addition, it ensures the availability of an exclusive designer for all the project`s customers and provides them all the advice that will optimize the quality of their interior decor.

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